Week Twelve – Overview


In the closing paragraph of my Week Eleven overview I wrote:

While there is a temptation to state that week Twelve of the Tumblog will be spent tying loose ends together I actually feel that this is the wrong way for me to view the remaining time.

In some respects it seems as though I am generating more ends in place of tying up the ones already present.

Preparations abound for the final assignment…reading around my topic ‘The role and reason for the rhizome in e-learning’ will continue in the weeks ahead.

Time over the final week has been spent considering the role and reason of the Tumblog space. Considering community, multimodality and structure  I believe that this environment potentially shapes and impacts both the blog content its presentation.

I have found the use of the spiderweb useful as a metaphor for the intricate inter-weavings that the Tumblog constructs itself upon. Tags created through this week’s posts serve to fortify the interconnection of the space. Learning is on confined to one time or section but is  miscible in form. Due to the consistent topic overlap it does not feel like the ‘end’ of the Tumblog adventure. In fact, it is the submission date for the Tumblog is the marker, the signpost which signals the end of this part of my journey.

In preparation for this I had spent some time this week looking at my early posts and from these, reflection on the various routes that my mind has taken. I noticed that I had likened the embarkation on the Tumblog  to that of a journey. What may have begun with tentative slow moving wheels has gathered momentum to create the high speed, full-on, metal on metal explosive wheel spin of a rollercoaster!




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