Rough terrain: Role and reason of the rhizome in e-learning

I have spent some time over the past number of days considering how I will present my final assignment.The topic I hope to investigate for my final EDC assignment is┬áthe role and reason of the rhizome in e-learning. I am aware that as my reading on the subject continues over the coming weeks the route of the assignment will become clearer and subject to turns and bends…I have already spent some time reflecting on the landscape within which the assignment will sit.

I feel that it is important that the presentation of the assignment reflects the rhizomatic nature of the assignment itself. I had considered issuu already…I liked the way that the multiple pages are visible together as a [fragmented] thread and feel that such fragmentation will compliment the essence of the rhizome. It may well be the case that an alternative platform will support my aim better. Time will tell. What I am striving towards is the embodiment of the rhizome in the presentation platform itself.

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