Gatherings II

          Last week I posted of new feelings towards my Tumblog, seeing it as a rhizomatic landscape. Taking steps from the single to the multiple, the essence of the Tumblog changes. Through interaction, experimentation and communication we create a networked  kaleidoscopic mesh.  For me, the image above illustrates how the meshing [...]

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In the words of Father Ted…

In the words of the infamous Father Ted “Down with this sort of thing!” At the dinnertable two weeks ago my teenage son told me of a revolutionary visual aid that changes how we can ‘see’ the world. All hail Google Glass! Imagine my surprise to read an article during the week on the same [...]

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Week Ten – Overview

Time is flowing past at high speed! Week Ten has been perhaps the most instrumental so far in that it has facilitated and encouraged the positioning and knitting together of key concepts. Beginning with  21st Century Cyborg? I tried to clarify what ’cyborg’ means outside of the fiction arena, provoking questions on body, soul and conscience [...]

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 ”In the post-human, rather than the subject representing the object through sense data of, for instance, observation, we enter into the spatio-temporal practices of gathering and experimentation. Knowing is not seperate from doing but emerges from the very matter-ings in which we engage” (Edwards, 2010)   I love the quotation above from Edwards (2010). For me, [...]


rhizomatic becomings

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Sonnet to a cyborg

 Today is World Poetry Day 2013! I thought that it would be fun to have a go at putting together a cyborg inspired sonnet…Poetry not  my thing but figured I’d give it a whirl anyhow!


Malkovich – second order cybernetics

On thinking of Von Foerster’s reflexivity theory, the idea that “the observer of systems can himself be constituted as a system to be observed” (Hayles, 1999) I am forced to re-consider the full potential and impact that observance [and by default, participation] may have had upon the ethnographic study carried out earlier in this module. [...]

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21st Century Cyborg?

The marriage of machine to man may create a form that exhibits characteristics beyond those capable of man. Science fiction holds examples of these in abundance, from James Cameron’s Terminator [The Terminator, 1984] to Ridley Scotts’ Deckard [Bladerunner, 2007 [final cut]]. How does a transference of such fusion sit outside of the fiction arena? Is the [...]

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Week Nine – Overview

I had just started to get concepts and ideas clear[er] in my head and then we hit Block III. I feel as though i have taken several steps backwards and although I know that the hill before me holds a prize on the summit…understanding / awareness/ penny-dropping moments… I find that my steps this week [...]

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I have completed oodles of these Captcha boxes in the past, paying them little or no attention. Seeing them as a stepping stone to getting onto my destination webpage. Having dabbled my toes into this week’s readings they strike me as dividers  – seperating the realms of the human and non-human.