Tumblog: Reflection # 1 – Community

Since the beginning of this module I knew that this blog was providing a radically different experience than the blog I used in IDEL. Having watched it take shape over the last few months, ebbing and flowing against the tides of offline life, the end is nearing, finality beckoning. On reflection, time itself was instrumental [...]

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Micro-Ethnography: Nirvana/Grunge Rock You Tube Community

    For my micro-ethnography I decided to study a Nirvana/Grunge Rock You Tube community. Access to the ethnography is available here and EDC comments are listed below.  



  I hadĀ settled on the idea of looking at a grunge community for my ethnographic study. I must admit that I have found it pretty difficult to pick an online community for this activity. After some pondering I think that one of the main reasons why this has been so difficult is simply down to [...]


After eight…

We began this adventure as a group of eight. Over the course of three weeks the sense of community strengthened, interaction increased and the group dynamic solidified. Our pre-MOOC sense of parameters, security and borders have been removed. The shape of the group has transformed…into thousands.   It makes me wonder if I would feel [...]

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