Ethnography: Reflection # 2 – Community

At the begining of my ethnographic adventure I set out to explore how far if at all the common interest may be stretched to encompass the imagining of community. I wasn’t sure how this theory would transfer onto the group I was looking at – YouTube Nirvana / Grunge Rock Group.  I still feel uncertain [and a little [...]

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Micro-Ethnography: Nirvana/Grunge Rock You Tube Community

    For my micro-ethnography I decided to study a Nirvana/Grunge Rock You Tube community. Access to the ethnography is available here and EDC comments are listed below.  


Ethnographic musing…

    So in thinking about a culture I find my head a-spinning…so much choice. I was reminded of a blog post that I had read recently. It considered the ramifications and avenues of undertaking an ethnography of robots. What caught my eye about the post was the application of culture to this group…   [...]

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Cultural narratives

  “The figura of the storyteller is an archaism, a social type which has lost its function as a result of the technological transformations of literacy. It has been relegated to the margins of modernity, and survives there as a relic of the imagination, a nostalgic archetype, an anthropological specimen, apparently dead…such ruined figures embody [...]

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