Week Twelve – Overview

  In the closing paragraph of my Week Eleven overview I wrote: “While there is a temptation to state that week Twelve of the Tumblog will be spent tying loose ends together I actually feel that this is the wrong way for me to view the remaining time.” In some respects it seems as though [...]

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Week Eleven – Overview

  This week my Tumblog hasn’t seen a lot of action principally due to home dynamics [sick children] Between the bouts of illness I did manage to tend to an area of concern that was niggling at the corners of my mind. I wanted to ‘show’ [myself / anybody] what I meant when talking about [...]

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Week Ten – Overview

Time is flowing past at high speed! Week Ten has been perhaps the most instrumental so far in that it has facilitated and encouraged the positioning and knitting together of key concepts. Beginning with  21st Century Cyborg? I tried to clarify what ’cyborg’ means outside of the fiction arena, provoking questions on body, soul and conscience [...]

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Week Nine – Overview

I had just started to get concepts and ideas clear[er] in my head and then we hit Block III. I feel as though i have taken several steps backwards and although I know that the hill before me holds a prize on the summit…understanding / awareness/ penny-dropping moments… I find that my steps this week [...]

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Week Eight – Overview

This week has been all about the ethnographic study and wow…an eye-opener of an experience! I’ve never done anything like this before. It brought the readings of the section to like by gently nudging questions over the definitions of community and  subculture. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to live the ethnographer’s role from [...]

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Week Seven – Overview

Offline life has put pause to my online pursuits.  Poorly children who require full attention leaving limited time to studies. This week my tumblog post has highlighted the role of history/historicism plays in shaping the present and the future. I thought that this was apt given the current activity. This week has felt like a [...]

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Week Five – Overview

  Life circumstances this week have made getting my thoughts onto the Tumblog a challenge! The high point of this week was the MOOC Hangout. The value of this experience was immense and I came away feeling that I had learned something new [use of Google +] and reinforced something already present [the sense of [...]

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Week Four – Overview

  This week was challenging and great fun! The main focus of this week was the creation of a digital artifact. Decisions on which elements of the MOOC to focus upon and how to present the artifact were of primary concern. Choices made… Dystopia on Glogster! This presentation platform was new to me and I [...]

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Week Three – Overview

  So the rollercoaster is gaining momentum…This week it has been a case of holding onto the rails of this fast moving vehicle we call EDC. New topics and subjects of interest present themselves with every turn and I have had to find a balance between an exploration of these capillary routes and staying on [...]

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Week Two – Overview

Building upon what I had encountered in the previous week I felt a move from thinking about cyberculture in ‘technology’ terms to its consideration through a wider lens, that in effect cyberculture as an entity is part of a many-pieced jigsaw. This week has encouraged me to reflect on the value of perspective. That the [...]

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