Gatherings II

          Last week I posted of new feelings towards my Tumblog, seeing it as a rhizomatic landscape. Taking steps from the single to the multiple, the essence of the Tumblog changes. Through interaction, experimentation and communication we create a networked  kaleidoscopic mesh.  For me, the image above illustrates how the meshing [...]

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rhizomatic becomings

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Sonnet to a cyborg

 Today is World Poetry Day 2013! I thought that it would be fun to have a go at putting together a cyborg inspired sonnet…Poetry not  my thing but figured I’d give it a whirl anyhow!


21st Century Cyborg?

The marriage of machine to man may create a form that exhibits characteristics beyond those capable of man. Science fiction holds examples of these in abundance, from James Cameron’s Terminator [The Terminator, 1984] to Ridley Scotts’ Deckard [Bladerunner, 2007 [final cut]]. How does a transference of such fusion sit outside of the fiction arena? Is the [...]

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I have completed oodles of these Captcha boxes in the past, paying them little or no attention. Seeing them as a stepping stone to getting onto my destination webpage. Having dabbled my toes into this week’s readings they strike me as dividers  – seperating the realms of the human and non-human.


Petri…fied cyberspace

Rheingold (1993) uses the petri dish as a metaphor for cyberspace. I love this analogy for the simple reason that it highlights the possibilities of cyberspace running parallel to offline reality. All too often there is the automatic expectation that all of our online experiences should be perfect simply because they are online, because they [...]


Ethnographic musing…

    So in thinking about a culture I find my head a-spinning…so much choice. I was reminded of a blog post that I had read recently. It considered the ramifications and avenues of undertaking an ethnography of robots. What caught my eye about the post was the application of culture to this group…   [...]

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Cultural narratives

  “The figura of the storyteller is an archaism, a social type which has lost its function as a result of the technological transformations of literacy. It has been relegated to the margins of modernity, and survives there as a relic of the imagination, a nostalgic archetype, an anthropological specimen, apparently dead…such ruined figures embody [...]

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The Glogster experience

Create a digital artifact? Hmmmm… I had never used Glogster before. In fact, the first time that I had even seen the word in print was when I saw it on the list of ‘possibles’ provided to us for our artifact presentation options.  As a presentation platform Glogster ticks several boxes. It supports audio, text and image. [...]

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Week Three – Overview

  So the rollercoaster is gaining momentum…This week it has been a case of holding onto the rails of this fast moving vehicle we call EDC. New topics and subjects of interest present themselves with every turn and I have had to find a balance between an exploration of these capillary routes and staying on [...]

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