Image – Music – Text

“The narratives of the world are numberless. Narrative is first and foremost a prodigious variety of genres, themselves distributed amongst different substances -as though any material were fit to receive man’s stories. Able to be carried by articulated language, spoken or written, fixed or moving images, gestures, and the ordered mixture of all of these [...]


Mermaids, boundaries and Haraway

  So many of the cyborg associations that I have identified over the past two weeks have taken the human/machine form. What of the animal/human merger? What of the mermaid? The other evening I found myself mesmerized by a Discovery Channel documentary Mermaids The Body Found. Armed with a cynical raised eyebrow I initially thought [...]

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Malkovich – second order cybernetics

On thinking of Von Foerster’s reflexivity theory, the idea that “the observer of systems can himself be constituted as a system to be observed” (Hayles, 1999) I am forced to re-consider the full potential and impact that observance [and by default, participation] may have had upon the ethnographic study carried out earlier in this module. [...]

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History repeats itself / coiling down into the future…

I love this quote [above]. Thought it fitting given the ethnographic course content that we are currently covering. Highlighting the value of  the reflexive methodological approach.   History repeats itself / coiling down into the future…   Johnnydeeps (2008) History repeats itself A.O.S. available: [accessed 01.03.2013] Foucault, M. (2007) Space, power and knowledge. I: During, S. The [...]



    On the MOOC this week there was a very interesting forum thread titled ‘Are some media more ‘human’ than others?’ which considered among other things the power allocation of the binary text vs image. I like this marketing advertisement from Sky as it amalgamates both elements.


Intersecting the transliterate

Jenkins (2001) states that  media convergence comprises of at least five processes: technological, economic, social/organic, cultural and global, writing that ” these multiple forms of media convergence are leading us towards a digital renaissance – a period of transition and transformation that will affect all aspects of our lives” (Jenkins, 2001). Indeed Kress (2005) recognises [...]


Martian perspective

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‘The flaw is human’

  Minority Report (2002)

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Digital desensitization

  With each generational wave, our level of expectation from technology and the digital realm continues to rise.  Digital has become commonplace, standard, that which is required as a starting point. Today’s digital native uses a very different digital base line to measure life against compared to the digital immigrant. Has our constant absorption of [...]