A view of Transliteracy

“Humans have only been using reading and writing for a very short time in our history, so how else do we communicate?”

A written sentence has tremendous power, but in my opinion, only when meaning is explicit. Transliteracy, a view of literacy that encompasses all human sense must have the power to invoke imagination and notion (conceptual understanding) beyond the written word.

So why such dependence on the written word? Is the written word a domain of the elite? If a person miss-spells then that person is chastised, chastised from a very early age. Spelling tests are still used to determine levels of literacy, when words, we know are mere empty entities until associated with meaning.

Elitism and power? Language is a code, many sects, professions and organisations have their own code (language), asking the question, do humanity have too much invested in the written word to embrace transliteracy?

Furthermore, I now ask the question why am I using the written word here to express a notion of transliteracy?

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  1. Jen Ross February 6, 2013 at 4:05 pm #

    Is it the (relative) stability of writing, and inaccessibility of the means of reproduction, that makes (made) it powerful? Perhaps the dismissiveness with which digital writing (txt speak, blogs, wikipedia) is still often treated a reaction to the changing context and status of writing?

  2. Irma February 17, 2013 at 9:21 pm #

    When the brain has mastered reading, it’s the smoothest and easiest way for information. I’ll often find myself getting annoyed at movies and will do some knitting or play solitaire while watching and just listen to the narration.
    My mind is so used to making up my own images from text that I get quite annoyed when I’m fed someone else’s imagery.
    I trained in sign languages, and I’m super aware of body language. Often when I watch someone speak, I can’t focus on his words, I read her/his body instead.
    I prefer reading texts, because my mind wanders without being actively challenged at decoding text.
    As an alternative I do without words and without conscious information.
    You know, language is poorly ripped off reality, but if language, then text, then reading.

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