Week Nine #ededc

Week Nine, another very interesting week! This week sees my thinking build on the work I carried out in Learning Futures as well previous posts. Considering Multipleselves, identity in learning (BabelFish) and possibilities, to Hayles ‘Semiotics of Virtuality’. This concept is very much related to (not sure how yet though) Critical design, institutional identities and their interactions. Hayles talks about the lost body of information, and how information has been buried, and that cyborg is a necessary stage / step towards Posthuman / cognosphere and recognition of the ‘body of information’.

A number of my posts this week have dealt with image and pattern – this appears to follow week nine readings (?). Bridget Riley ‘especially’ appears to attempt to understand the rhythms and patterns of her period/s of creative output. I can’t help thinking that there is a link here with what Hayles describes as ‘Semiotics of Virtuality’ and ‘body of information’ especially considering the image I posted ‘DNA’ mapping! This seems to have a resonance with my work in ‘Learning Futures’ as well as our ethnography’s – and ‘New Mobilities’ / possible research methods?

I would like to consider the possibilities of using data collected (from wherever) maybe Blackboard , other complex learning systems, or Twitter to try and uncover a connection between Semiotics of Virtuality, Mobilities, and the rhythms and patterns of the ‘Body of Information’ – uncover Posthuman interaction? This relating to Urry and Sheller (and one of Ginas latest posts), Cyborg as receptor (Urry, Sheller) “which we sense place and movement, and construct emotional geographies”.

Constrained Constructivism: “is that reality is never present to us as such; rather, our sense perceptions are self-organising processes that construct the world we know from the unmediated flux, unknowable in itself”
(Desiring Agency, Hayles 2001, p.145).

“flickering combinations of presence and absence of peoples, enemies and friends”
(Mimi Sheller, John Urry, 2005, p 222)

“We Live Within a Spectacle of Empty Clothes and Unworn Masks”
(John Berger, The Shape of a Pocket, p.12)

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