Agency, Artifact (Object) & Representation

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Cultivation (Educating) of Individuals

Arts: Representation (arts), the depiction and ethical concerns of construction in visual arts and literature. Social Sciences: Social representation is a stock of values, ideas, beliefs, and practices that are shared among the members of groups and communities. Science: Representation (psychology), a hypothetical ‘internal’ cognitive symbol that represents external reality. ( Agency of external form [...]

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Agency of Information in Culture & Learning

For my final assignment I intend investigate “Location & Idenity (Representation) within the Agency of 21st C learning”, this area of study directly relates to both ‘Culture’ and ‘Learning’ in the view that both are reliant on “external forms which have been objectified in the course of history” (Georg Simmel). This argument further relates to [...]

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Cognosphere – Agency of Information?

How agency is acquired is important, can agency only be acquired by representation? I can see links to a Post-Human critique in this argument, a re-evaluation of connections between subject and object (interesting when seen in relation to intersubjectivity). This also asks the question, if ‘a thing’ has Agency, how does Agency re-interpret that ‘things’ [...]

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Location & Idenity within the Agency of 21st C learning

Location >> All those lego bricks talking to each other… and talking to us. Lego bricks as a metaphor for possible learning objects (things)! The image above I think can be interpreted as a sea of available learning possibilities, being assembled and re-assembled. Agency in learning, being apparent, within the ability of learning, and learning [...]

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