To Take an Object for a Walk

“The cultivation of individuals through the agency of external forms which have been objectified in the course of history” (Georg Simmel) How to experience (or understand) the agency of information in Culture & Learning? Become an external form or object, then explore the interactions of that external form or object? Nice idea, but maybe to [...]

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Location & Idenity within the Agency of 21st C learning

Location >> All those lego bricks talking to each other… and talking to us. Lego bricks as a metaphor for possible learning objects (things)! The image above I think can be interpreted as a sea of available learning possibilities, being assembled and re-assembled. Agency in learning, being apparent, within the ability of learning, and learning [...]

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Thoughts on Final Assignment

I think a lot of what we have looked at in #ededc naturally complements the direction I took in Learning Futures. So I’m considering investigating the opposite for #ededc final assignment (a little chiaroscuro / gestalt going on maybe), the identity and location of learner rather than teacher. This would ‘kind’ of cross all #ededc [...]

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