Posthuman Narrative “Three Divisions”

“A second way to think about the organisation of How We Became Posthuman is narratively. In this argument, the three divisions proceed not so much through chronological progression as through the narrative strands about the (lost) body of information, the cyborg, and the posthuman body” (Towards embodied virtuality, Hayles, 1999, p21) => (lost) body of [...]

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Unfinished Work: From Cyborg to Cognisphere

[Post from my blog dfl12] Cyborgs to Cognisphere (Posthuman), this paper very much fits into my ideas around the teacher as translator ‘BableFish’ plugging into the ‘Cognisphere’ the management of information and learning as opposed to the delivery of learning, make the essence of learning transparent through observing activity online ‘informatics’. “the cognisphere gives a [...]

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