Week 6 – review

A week which has left me less sure about what community means than I ever would have expected. It was good to return to Bell. I like his style of writing; it’s almost conversational which, to me, works well within the context. The piece gave a great overview of the shifting sands from which one [...]


Digital Medicine – Machines for Living

BBC article about how implanted digital sensors might send health data to medical professionals to prevent diseases. This presents a potential paradox to the *non-human* Internet of Things and Blogjects that Bleeker discusses.


Fishy behaviour

I carry out task based lurking behaviour (Kozinet’s 2010 p.26) on many subjects – one of which is keeping tropical fish. I’m a beginner and I like to learn how to do things properly so I google many questions and that often leads to searching through fora to get hints and tips from ‘real people’ [...]



Bell (p.107) appears to be in agreement with Kevin Hetherington’s suggestion that ‘community’ is an outdated vague term, and that perhaps we should revisit the erstwhile sociological notion of Bund. Hetherington notes Freund’s (unenthusiastic) view of Bund as ‘a place for the expression of enthusiasms, of ferment, of unusual doings’.┬áBell, furthermore, suggests that this notion [...]


Breaking ties with the real

From the remixing of the online manifesto; to Bell (p192) describing Jones’ questioning ‘why we continue to hold up face to face interaction…as the best way to relate to one another and as the building block of community’; to happening upon an article which talks about how Apple will probably do away with skeuomorphism after [...]


Petri dish

(Image and thoughts not finished) Thinking about Rheingold’s social petri dish analogy and experimental education – an edcmooc visualisation in a dish.


Week 5 – review

Week 5 has been different and, in fact, doesn’t quite feel finished yet. I have been continuing to monitor responses to my artefact. I’ve been very pleased to see that, on the whole, the piece elicited the types of responses that I’d hoped for and more besides. I’m particularly pleased with the discussions around capitalism [...]



One of the most striking comments that I received to my digital artefact was the following: It seems that aoosterwyk felt a significant emotional response to the fact that other people had drawn similar conclusions to the content as she had. I think it’s unclear whether aoosterwyk was seeking this ‘validation’ in order to satisfy [...]


Ethnography newbie

Trying to prepare myself for the ethnography exercise which will be an entirely new experience for me. Tag cloud is from wikipedia entry for ‘Ethnography‘


Network names

Apparently the stories have been circulating for some time about creatively named wifi networks, but I must have missed the memo. So when I saw this whilst standing at the bus stop today it amused me. A bit of googling later and I found that this is a common practice and that there are several [...]