Week 4 – Review

Two of my most dreaded things came to pass last week – (1) tight turnaround and (2) a response based not simply on words. Yikes! Oh, and not to mention the fact that the resulting digital artefact will be available to some 40,000+ MOOCers! But, it’s done now and the cybersky hasn’t fallen in – so that’s good.

My MOOC response has had 3246 views, 6327 hovers, 331 clicks – …and 4 responses. They may be few and far between BUT they are very thoughtful responses and I’m looking forward to exploring them further. I can see that I veered subconsciously towards a critical viewpoint, which is my comfort zone, but perhaps not particularly feel-good nor inspirational. Exploring notions of equality and diversity is somewhat of a major interest of mine, so I’m happy that I chose that topic but I’d like to have had greater depth to my own responses to the MOOC-ers excellent comments which form the majority of the piece. I’d also like to have been much more creative around the mode of presentation of the issues. I have ideas, which time permitting I may pursue for my own learning.

From the many tweets, blog posts, discussion forum comments around how disorientated one can feel within a MOOC and how creating digital artefacts is an unknown quantity, I don’t think I’m alone in my discombobulation (term nicked from a tweet about Amy’s brilliant artefact). And, I’m looking forward to the next week of being the ‘responder’, getting back to some of the readings I’ve not managed yet, and also returning to exploring my colleagues’ blogs on #ededc.

Other things of interest to me this week have been:
- A continued unease with polarisation around certain topics
- How ‘versions’ of an artefact can spin off and make meaning for some and on the other hand make the piece¬†inaccessible to others.


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