Place(s) of edc’bund’MOOC

On an earlier post in which I attempted to very loosely assign attributes of the edcMOOC to the notion of ‘bund’, Jen set the following challenge:

“Another bit of the Bund definition… “a place…”. Thoughts?”

I’ve gathered together on the linked pinterest board a very shallow collection of ‘places’ which were occupied (and some are still occupied) by edcMOOCers. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, not by a long chalk, these are simply a small number of some of the more prominent gatherings. There are infinitely more individual and collective gathering sites which the participants lived in, visited, and transversed. Hines talks about the ‘space of flows’ and the possibilities of following nodes of connections rather than being bounded by geography p.61, and suggests that this type of tracing can be useful when observing online communities. So perhaps we could say that the edc’bund’MOOC’s ‘place’ is a multi-sited, multi-nodal, mash up of connectivity.


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