Week 3 – review

This has been a quiet week on my tumblog due to various pressures, but also in some way because of the massiveness of the theme of visuality and literacy. Kress (2004) talks of the multiple entry points available within websites; I somehow feel the same about the topic in hand. From the readings I have many ‘hooks’ which I would potentially like to explore: authorship; ‘publishing’; power; product vs process and that’s not to mention beginning to look at the possibilities afforded by visualisation tools. All of these areas are fairly complex and require sustained thought (at least they do on my part) so I’ve had to skirt around the edges. In doing so, I questioned why AV was so exciting; I noted that the journey to multimodality was not without its (human and technical) barriers; I attempted to argue that words could paint pictures whilst non-verbal forms could tell stories; and I tried to show that the ‘reading in the bath’ trope has its limitations.

What has struck me most this week is the depth and strength of feeling about words vs visualisation and digital vs non digital. Even within the #ededc there are differences of opinion on the former which has promoted some great debate this week.


Mind the gap image found at: mindthegaprocks.co.uk


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