Digital Medicine – Machines for Living

BBC article about how implanted digital sensors might send health data to medical professionals to prevent diseases. This presents a potential paradox to the *non-human* Internet of Things and Blogjects that Bleeker discusses.


Water damage

This image is a happily coincidental acknowledgement of Footnote 21 in Thomas (2007) and its further link to the theme in “Digitise or Die: a personal reflection’. I would like to add though – that I wouldn’t be too keen on my Kindle ending up in such a state either.


Week 2 – Review

In order to be a bit more creative and experimental, I wanted to move away from purely text based posts. Prompted by Poster (2006), and in order to question the levels of morality we ascribe to non-human artefacts, I created an ambiguous entity and he/it invited comments on its like-ability. Jen’s response was the type [...]


Rural Cyberpunk

I’ve been struck by the dominance of the ‘city’ in the readings in week one and two. Johnston (2009) alludes to the metaphor of ‘Internet as a physical place’ and quotes Wellman and Gulia (1999) who positively view the impact of the internet as ‘… as if most North Americans lived in the heart of [...]


Smoke and mirrors


I am not a number

A stray into identity and morality in the digital world. (Which can’t be accessed on iphone or iPad – yet!)


Week 1 – review

I’m curious about the rhizomatic nature of this course. In searching for an appropriate opening image, I happened upon the Rhizome Radar. It fired off connections with this course for many reasons including: the reliance on technology; the input of a physically disparate group of people; the visualisation of information. Hand’s commentary on the political [...]