Kraftwerk, Devo, Numan, Bjork and more.

An article which traces human/tech themes in music.



Are they human or are they machine? I think popping, especially in the robot and animatronic genres, is one of the most visually compelling art forms which represents human/machine ambiguity. It’s often almost inconceivable that the human body can perform such movement. From my non-expert point of view there seem to be common themes in [...]


Evil Edna and capitalism

There are so many avenues to explore in this film – the evil TV persona of the TV (AKA Evil Edna – a most obvious metaphor for the evils of technology); the waste; the creeping introduction of less than desirable content etc. However I would like to build on some of the ideas discussed in [...]


Evgeny Morozov – technology and revolutions

After reading Martin Hand’s Hardware to everywhere: Narratives of promise and threat (2008) in which he outlines themes of technological utopia and dystopia in western democracies. I thought it would be interesting to look at some views of recent political/technological relationships and came across this article by Evgeny Morozov  on the Arab Spring. (Admittedly, we aren’t talking [...]