Week twelve – review

I feel sad that I am writing this last weekly review because that means the course is coming rapidly to an end. And there is still so much that I want to do, experiment with, read about and discuss. This week, I have discovered Camtasia which I downloaded as an attempt to stabilise my ethnography. [...]


Posthuman response to Gee

During IDEL I was troubled by aspects of James Paul Gee’s assertions on identity. I critiqued both What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy (2003) and Identity as an Analytic Lens for Research in Education (2000) the latter by looking at it through the sociomaterial cloud of Actor Network Theory as part of my [...]


Week 10 – review

This week has been spent (still) on posthumanism. I’ve found myself more interested in the arguments theorising posthumanism than on picturing the posthuman itself. Castree & Nash’s discussion has been enlightening and has taken me out of the subject to delve into the writings of Deleuze, Guttari, Lyotard and more. Names that I’ve come across, [...]


Week 8 – review

This week has been mainly reading and digesting the other ethnographies; commenting on them; and responding to comments on my own study. I found the variety of submissions very refreshing, and picked up hints and tips around the benefits of transliteracy. I was particularly struck by the methods which Gina and Anabel used in documenting [...]


Week 7 – review

Panic (ethical dilemma), calm (new topic), panic (not working on Tumblog), calm (2 entries done), PANIC (media not working), calm (media working). To be continued… …It’s Thursday of week eight and I’m doing a weekly summary for week seven. This about sums up how far behind I feel that I have dropped in the last [...]


Ethical Dilemma

Last week I had a last minute decision to change subject for my ethnography. I had wanted to keep with the themes of disruption and urbanisation that I’ve explored at times throughout this tumblog and so I was observing a guerilla gardening community. Whilst I was limiting the observations to publicly available discussion forums and [...]


Week 6 – review

A week which has left me less sure about what community means than I ever would have expected. It was good to return to Bell. I like his style of writing; it’s almost conversational which, to me, works well within the context. The piece gave a great overview of the shifting sands from which one [...]


Week 5 – review

Week 5 has been different and, in fact, doesn’t quite feel finished yet. I have been continuing to monitor responses to my artefact. I’ve been very pleased to see that, on the whole, the piece elicited the types of responses that I’d hoped for and more besides. I’m particularly pleased with the discussions around capitalism [...]


I heart words…but I don’t always need them

Kress (2004) states that there is ‘a finite stock of words, vague, general, nearly empty of meaning’ (p.15). Candace argues in her tumblog however, ‘there’s an infinite number of ways to put them together’. I think Candace makes a great point here. I’d like to put aside, for the moment, the arguments about the primacy [...]


Week 2 – Review

In order to be a bit more creative and experimental, I wanted to move away from purely text based posts. Prompted by Poster (2006), and in order to question the levels of morality we ascribe to non-human artefacts, I created an ambiguous entity and he/it invited comments on its like-ability. Jen’s response was the type [...]