Statistical persons

I’m currently reading ‘SENTIENT CITIES Ambient intelligence and the politics of urban space’ in preparation for my assignment. It’s a rather fascinating discussion of embedded information and processing within the cityscape, where buildings think about us; where some people are tracked and judged via data, while others are invisible and mute; and where the city [...]


Thinking cities

Crang and Graham say ‘[this] is a world where we not only think of cities, but cities think of us..’ (2007 p.789). I wonder what they are thinking…   Mike Crang & Stephen Graham (2007): SENTIENT CITIES Ambient intelligence and the politics of urban space, Information, Communication & Society, 10:6, 789-817 Image found at: [...]


BBC television centre

This is the very last day of occupancy of the iconic BBC Television Centre in West London. I was lucky enough to go for a tour of the building just a few weeks ago and amongst a myriad of fascinating elements (Pauline Fowler’s laundrette tabard included) was the news room. In the middle of the [...]


Space Invaders

After the surprise of ‘devil-gate’ during the last tutorial, I have now had The Cloud appear uninvited onto the homepage of my phone. This used to be an image for a Transport for London shortcut, which I use fairly regularly these days to get around. But one trip to M&S cafe later, and I have [...]


Week 9 – review

This week had some of the best titles of readings on the course, covering Asian Eels, Flânerie, Academatron, Cyborgs and Shit. But intriguing titles, do not an easy text maketh! The false sense of security after reading Pickering was cruelly and categorically dashed within the first paragraph of Haraway’s Manifesto, and I spent too long [...]


Möbius strip

“The Möbius strip has several curious properties. A line drawn starting from the seam down the middle will meet back at the seam but at the “other side”. If continued the line will meet the starting point and will be double the length of the original strip. This single continuous curve demonstrates that the Möbius [...]


Secrecy, intrigue and twitter

I’ve been watching the new pope being sworn in (does a pope get sworn in?) and all of the tradition and the pomp & circumstance which surrounds the occasion. Secrecy and intrigue are clearly paramount in this process, apparently the Sistene Chapel is swept on a daily basis to ensure no listening devices have been [...]


Breaking out

I have spent a lovely afternoon outside of my Tumblog reading and commenting on my colleagues’ virtual ethnographies. I am currently pondering boundaries, walls and place in on line communities. Image found at:


Guerilla Gardening connections

This was one of the artefacts that I was going to publish within my virtual ethnography on guerilla gardening. This is from Social Collider which reveals connections between conversations on Twitter. Apparently, it shows how a topic (here: guerillagardener) link or don’t link with other users or topics and the action is tracked temporally. Because [...]


Fishy behaviour

I carry out task based lurking behaviour (Kozinet’s 2010 p.26) on many subjects – one of which is keeping tropical fish. I’m a beginner and I like to learn how to do things properly so I google many questions and that often leads to searching through fora to get hints and tips from ‘real people’ [...]