The British Library are deciding, and asking the crowd to decide, which digital artefacts to archive; which is clearly a task as important as deciding upon what one should include/exclude in one’s #ededc tumblog The following questions which are asked in the covering article are very deep: ‘But how will researchers be using this resource in [...]


Place(s) of edc’bund’MOOC

On an earlier post in which I attempted to very loosely assign attributes of the edcMOOC to the notion of ‘bund’, Jen set the following challenge: “Another bit of the Bund definition… “a place…”. Thoughts?” I’ve gathered together on the linked pinterest board a very shallow collection of ‘places’ which were occupied (and some are [...]


Digital Medicine – Machines for Living

BBC article about how implanted digital sensors might send health data to medical professionals to prevent diseases. This presents a potential paradox to the *non-human* Internet of Things and Blogjects that Bleeker discusses.


Kraftwerk, Devo, Numan, Bjork and more.

An article which traces human/tech themes in music.


Evgeny Morozov – technology and revolutions

After reading Martin Hand’s Hardware to everywhere: Narratives of promise and threat (2008) in which he outlines themes of technological utopia and dystopia in western democracies. I thought it would be interesting to look at some views of recent political/technological relationships and came across this article by Evgeny Morozov  on the Arab Spring. (Admittedly, we aren’t talking [...]