all the ethnographies in one place

here is where you can find the list of ethnographies as they are completed!

Phil Devine#fellrunning (a brief virtual ethnography)

Anabel DroughtWeight Weenies Micro-Ethnography

Candace Nolan-Grant#durbbu mini ethnography (you can comment on the blog post, alternatively)

Gina Fierlafijn-Reddie: YouTubeEthno

Nikki BourkeNirvana/Grunge Rock Youtube Micro-Ethnography

Steph CarrVirtual Ethnography –

Chantelle MeckenstockAn IVF Journey



5 thoughts on “all the ethnographies in one place

  1. cmeckenstock

    Here’s mine:

    I still have some work to do on it ( conclusion discussion, reference and image permissions) but due to time constraint I am posting what I have done so far. I am debating if I should attach the text version. Instinct tells me that I should attempt to just present it as it is so that the reader/audience can enter and access the presentation at a point chosen by them.


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