Week twelve summary

This week has been devoted to researching articles and ideas for my final assignment.

I started by googling for issues of posthuman identity and found the portrait of a posthuman by a visual artist.  The description of her work is useful as a starting point for reference to identity, where the human is seeking a comfortable position for herself in the world she inhabits.  I thought the selection of fabrics to reflect identity was also an important one. It led me to think about the identity of an educator, which is discussed in the essay on Heidegger.

The second and third posts are focused on pedagogical approaches.   This time I tried searching using the words: ontology, identity, becoming, design.   A Phantasmal Media Approach to Empowerment, Identity and Computation was an interesting find, and it gives me more to consider about the idea of identity in the virtual world. I thought the dynamic construction of social categories identities (body language, discourse, metaphorical thought, gesture, fashion) as an addition to the normally used categories such as class,  gender, sex, race and ethnicity was realistic and I can see that for the younger generation the other categorisation is more prevalent.

The final link was a paper on Heidegger about Ontological Education, or: How We Become What We Are (Iain Thomas).  This will be an important reference for my final assignment.  I will compare Heidegger’ with the language used in the cyborg pedagogy.  There is correlation between the two.

My final post for this week contains some preliminary thoughts on my final assignment. The narrative is written down to allow for the flow of ideas to begin.

I have spent some time responding to final posts by colleagues, especially those that touch on their final assignment.

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