Portrait of a posthuman

Who is posthuman?  This afternoon I am pondering the question of identity and agency in the posthuman world.  It seems from the description of the visual artist, the self is no longer very stable, in fact it is illusive.  Using Eva Rorandelli, the artist’s words: “frozen in awkward positions without a sense of themselves.” It is changing or perhaps morphing into different selves, reflected “in the body-extending costumes to make hybrid textile “skins””  constantly finding a position that would be befitting for the context and situation.

Is this the kind of intervention that posthumanism writers refer to?  Disturbing the traditional boundaries, and getting people to think and rethink who humans really are, and perhaps their responsibilities in relation to the different connections they now become aware of?

If we were to relate this to the identity of an educator,  how different is this from the notion of being a reflective practitioner?  Is this calling for adaptability, flexibility and deconstructing the power relations of the educator and his students?  I believe that providing leadership and direction in learning is still the mainstay of the educator. His other identities should not erase the identity of the educator, it should enhance the person, and perhaps makes him more in tune and relevant? Perhaps.

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